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About Us


The Portable Studio specialises in professional voice reels & professional singing reels and is the brainchild of Paul Rich, a London based performer.  It was created with the jobbing performer in mind. Singing and indeed acting are professions that require a lot of financial investment. Travel, Headshots,  A Voice Reel, Singing Reel, all manner of Show Reels, and Casting Websites can all take their toll on the performers bank account. Sometimes, these services are way outside the budget of some people. So as a performer who has spent (sometimes way too much) money on services like these, he devised a more financially viable way for performers to record singing reels or voice reels.


At The Portable Studio, we keep the quality high and the costs low.

No more paying by the hour.

No more exorbitant rates.

No more spending money on travel to get to the studio in the first place.


For a one-off fee, The Portable Studio will come to you as long as you are in London, within or just outside the M25.   Setting up is fast, allowing you to take some time to relax before having a very enjoyable voice reel or singing reel session.

This way - you get to record more... whilst paying less.

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