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Our Recording Studio Rates

The Portable Studio doesn't charge by the hour, so you won't have to pay exorbitant, recording studio rates. Check out our prices, below:


PLATINUM Package - £250*
GOLD Package - £220*
SILVER Package - £185*
BRONZE Package - £150* + £20 Travel fee
Click here  for more details.
We advise that you source your own backing tracks for your Singing Reel. 
However, for an additional fee, we can source them for you if required.


PACKAGE - £250*
6 scripts including  radio commercials, corporate,  and a documentary narration.
You'll get each track separate and as part of a mega-mix reel.


Character Voice Reel: £40
Video Game Reel: £40
Audiobook Reel: £40
Impressionist Reel: £40
Want more than one? Try 2 for £70, 3 for £100      or 4 for £120
When booking a voice reel using the booking form, please put in the initials of any add-on's you want in the extra comments box:
 C for Character Voice Reel, VG for Video Game Reel, AB for Audiobook Reel & I for Impressionist Reel
Click here   for more details.
Please use our contact form to discuss bespoke packages here
* A £40 deposit is required to secure the booking of your chosen session
Voice Reel Anchor

Cheap Singing Reels

Cheap Singing Reel

Cheap Singing Reel

Cheap Singing Reel

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